Party Tips – Pennsylvania’s Party Magician Eddy Ray

In our party tip for today I’d like to briefly talk about the size of the party. ie: Number of attendees.

Size of party: There are a couple of theories on the number of children to invite. I have found the most controllable size is 10 to 20 kids. Some people say to invite one child per age of the birthday child. For example a five year old would invite 5 kids. For younger kids, be sure to have extra help from friends and family. Remember approximately 10 percent of the invited children will be unable to attend for various reasons.

It’s also important to see if any parents will be staying with their children or if they will be leaving, and coming back to pick them up when the party is over. If a parent or parents do intend to stay why not make the most of it and ask for some additional help! An extra set of hands for serving the food or keeping the kids busy can only make your job easier!

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