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Why Hire A Magician in Emmaus?

Hiring a magician or entertainer for your party or event can make it very fun, entertaining for kids and adults, as well as create memories for all of your guests. A magician perform incredible magic tricks which can be catered to fit your event. Sometimes when people hire a magician they have the magic show indoors while others might hire a magician to perform outdoors.

There are various show types that most magicians can offer allowing the possibility of the show to be either indoors or outdoors. Weather of course will always play a part in this. Most magicians offer stand-up magic shows where the audience will sit and watch the magician perform visual tricks, use audience volunteers, and use some larger props that are able to be seen by everyone. This type of show can work in many situations and is good for 30 people up to a few hundred, if not even more.

Other magicians offer strolling type magic. This type of magic is often called close-up. It’s smaller magic tricks that are performed only inches from the eyes of the audience. Tricks often use cards, money, and borrowed objects. Magicians often perform this magic at banquets, going from table to table or during festivals outside, roving among the large crowds.

If you are searching for a magician in Emmaus please take a look at what Eddy Ray has to offer. His magic shows are perfect for kids and adults which means the magic is visual, the humor is funny but clean, and he provides very professional service.  Eddy Ray also offers many different show packages, some as described above.

Whether you are looking for a birthday party show, family reunion, or corporate banquet Eddy Ray can help make it memorable. If you would like free information and a price quote please contact Eddy Ray at 1-877-297-7252 now. He performs over 20 shows a month so please contact him now if you have a date and time in mind. There is no obligation.