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Quick Tips To Hiring A Magician In York PA

1) When hiring a magician in York ask that they provide you with testimonials from other clients. This will prove if they can provide a professional service. Some magicians in York do not provide this info.

2) Be wary of magicians who offer balloon animals. Balloons can be dangerous for younger children. On top of that, they don’t last long and can break easily. If there are smaller children around, this could also scare them.

3) Before hiring a magician of entertainer, visit their website. Are there pictures of the magician? Some magician in York don’t provide good pictures. Wouldn’t you rather see what you are getting rather then hire someone blind?

4) Some magicians in York work for agencies. These agencies can send almost any magician out to a party depending upon availability. This may be fine and the magician might do a good job but how can you be sure? Make sure the magician you hire is the one that will be performing at YOUR event.

5) Magicians vary in skill set, experience etc.. some perform as a hobby and very few perform full time. You can probably hire a younger magician in York inexpensively but how good of a job will he or she do ? Try searching for a full time professional magician. Find one who can provide the assistance and professionalism needed to make your party or event memorable.

Curious as to what York PA Magician Eddy Ray can do for your next family event? Here is an idea:

Family Event

Magician Eddy Ray’s magic shows are full of clean comedy, audience interaction, and amazing magic. We offer many magic show packages for families events including: private parties, family reunions, block parties, and many more. Any kind of event you can think of, Eddy can help make it memorable and AMAZING!

Stand Up Magic Shows – Eddy Ray offers a stand up magic show that can last 30, 45, or 60 minutes. During the Stand Up Show, guests will have their minds read, solid metal forks will bend using only the mind, playing cards will appear and disappear with ease, your guests will interact and become the stars of the show!

This is the perfect show for large gatherings where people will be seated. This show can be performed for as little as 20 or as many as 500 or more.

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