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Magicians in Hummelstown – Magic Shows For Kids Parties & Adults!

Hummelstown magician Eddy Ray has been performing magic shows since he was a child. Eddy realizes that children have a “huge” imagination and he makes sure that every child’s imagination is sparked throughout his magic shows. This magician in Hummelstown performs many “classic” magic tricks throughout his shows for kids and adults. Eddy puts his own personality and style to every magic trick making it unique to him and his magic show.

Some of the tricks featured by this magician in Hummelstown are t he Mystery of the Rings, Professors Nightmare, The Largest Card Trick, and many more. The names of these tricks might sound weird but that’s just the names magicians give them. Every single trick performed by this magician in Hummelstown is visual in nature, allowing every child and parent in attendance to understand and see the magic happening! Some magicians in Hummelstown are not aware when they perform magic shows that they need to make sure everyone can see.

Hummelstown magician Eddy Ray has tons of experience entertaining family audiences and that’s what makes his magic show  the best around. Eddy Ray is also the busiest magician in Hummelstown, he performs over 10 shows on average every month.

Eddy Ray has been seen in many community day events in the local area performing his family fun magic show. This magician in Hummelstown has even appeared on the Fox Family Channel, WEEU Radio, America’s Got Talent, and many more. Eddy Ray’s magic shows are easy to book and are very affordable, complete entertainment packages.

Many people ask if magicians in Hummelstown require certain things to facilitate their magic show. Some magicians do, Eddy Ray doesn’t have any strict requirements as his magic shows can be tailored to best fit your needs. For most kids parties, Eddy can perform his magic show in a family room, basement, play area etc. All this magician in Hummelstown needs is an area where the kids and rest of the audience can sit comfortably.

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