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A Few Party Tips From Eddy Ray – Magician in Phoenixville PA

Important bits of business – Things that might slip your mind when planning that special birthday party in Phoenixville PA!

These tips are things you might not even have thought of when gearing up for your child’s party.

  1. It is a good idea to put some sort of decorations outside of your house so anyone who will be attending can easily find your home. Balloons on your mailbox, or on a telephone poll or sign near your home can be very helpful for people who do not travel to your home often.
  2. Just in case, have a First Aid Kit handy. With children around, you never know what to expect.
  3. As guests arrive take the presents and place them in a separate room. When children see presents they get very excited and want to open them at the wrong time. Keep them out of reach, and out of sight.
  4. A great idea to add some atmosphere to your party is to play some back ground music. Pick something the kids will enjoy. You could even hold a small dance contest and hand out prizes to every child who participates.
  5. Another great idea for the party and for backup situations is to have a few movies on hand. Cartoons and comedy movies are usually the way to go.
  6. A Backup plan. If planning your party outdoors make sure to have a backup plan just in case bad weather rolls in. Try and have a suitable place indoors or under cover that would still be suitable to contain the party. Don’t let the weather ruin your child’s special day!
  7. If you are searching to hire magicians in Phoenixville PA please ask the potential magician to provide testimonials and a client list. These two pieces of information are key, you don’t want some that you can’t trust or rely upon. A child’s birthday is a special time, don’t let an amateur magician ruin it.
  8. Magicians in Phoenixville PA should offer different party packages. Don’t be pushed into just one choice. Magician Eddy Ray offers many party package options and can customize one for you. It’s important that the magician is flexible.

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