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PA’s Busiest Magician in Pennsylvania For Kids


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Greater Reading Pennsylvania Magic Entertainment: For Kids And Adults

Magicians in Reading PA such as Eddy Ray love to entertain at events and parties throughout the area. You might find Eddy Ray, a magician performing at the Reading Hospitals Garden Party every June.

Eddy roves around the outside festival and performs his amazing magic tricks, mind reading, and interaction with people in attendance. Kids, Adults, and Families gasp at magic tricks that happen only inches from their eyes! In fact, magic actually occurs in their own hands.

Amazing as it sounds, not every magician in this area is able to create special magic moments. It takes years of dedication, study, and practice to become a successful magician like Eddy Ray.

Eddy Ray started out iin the local area performing for his family during yearly holiday get-togethers. His passion grew into a full time career right after he graduated the Governor Mifflin High School and he has not look backed since.

Eddy says his magic differs and is very unique compared to other magicians in Reading PA. “I always strive to create my own magic tricks and try to offer customizable shows for events that I perform at” stated Eddy Ray.

Eddy Ray has been creating magic tricks for years and has many tricks, books, and even instructional dvd’s on the market worldwide. If you are interested in learning magic from a magician, please call Eddy Ray now, 1-877-297-7252 .

Magic Shows by a magician like Eddy Ray are always a fun experience for children and adults. If you have an event coming up or just want to get more information on what Eddy has to offer contact him now. He performs over 20 shows a month in Reading PA and other areas. Don’t delay! He will be happy to communicate with you and provide all sorts of details on entertainment packages and options as well as pricing.