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Hiring Magicians in Carlisle PA

Magicians in Carlisle PA are among some of the most talented performers in the nation. Some Carlisle magicians have achieved great recognition from not only their peers but media outlets and agencies as well. The Carlisle magicians locally can provide family friendly magic shows for kids and adults, but there are a few things to consider before making your decision.

Not all magicians in Carlisle perform for kids or the family audience. This is a key question to ask the magician in Carlisle. You’ll want to find a magician that can cater and gear their magic program to best fit your party or event. If the magician in Carlisle cannot give you a definitive answer it’s best to move on.

Ask the magicians in Carlisle what kind of area or space they may need to perform. Some magician in Carlisle might have large props or need special requirments when performing their magic shows. It’s important to find out now rather then later when it’s just about too late!

A magician in Carlisle, Eddy Ray is a professional magician who offers magic shows for kids and adults. His fun filled, family friendly magic shows have been the hit at schools, festivals, private parties, and many other events in the Carlisle PA and surrounding area. This magician in Carlisle is an author and also teacher of magic! He has performed in Las Vegas and even Tokyo Japan! The best part is that this magician in Carlisle is affordable!

If you would like more information from Eddy, simply call 1-877-297-7252. He can provide you free information and a price quote. Please contact him right away as Eddy performs over 10 shows each month. Dates and times are limited!