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Hire This Magician in Columbia PA, Eddy Ray

Local family entertainer Eddy Ray is a professional magician serving the Columbia area as well as other major parts of PA and beyond. This magician has won numerous awards in his professional career. Eddy won 4th place in the World Magic Seminar which was held in the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas. He has also authored a couple of books on magic which are for sale worldwide!

Aside from his very busy schedule when performing, he teaches others magicians and those interested with workshops, lectures, and magic class sessions. Many magicians in the Columbia area and beyond are familiar with Eddy’s original magic tricks, books, dvds, and other related products.

Eddy Ray is available for hire at your next party or event. He can entertain at your child’s party, family reunion, school function.. just about anywhere! Eddy Ray has the professional experience and testimonials to create a memorable event for you. Some magicians in Columbia PA lack this necessary information and only perform part time. Would you rather hire a professional magician for your event, or an amateur? We think it’s a fairly easy choice!

When searching for a magician or entertainer please request a list of testimonials. Also be sure the magician and entertainer can gear the magic show to the proper age audience that will be at the event you are planning.

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