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Hiring a magician in Doylestown PA like Eddy Ray will allow you the ability to relax while your guests enjoy a memorable and exciting magic show. This Doylestown magician performs his magic shows all over the area for kids and adults. Eddy’s magic shows bring out the fun and imagination in everyone!

Most magicians in Doylestown are amateurs and don’t perform professional magic shows. This is ok but if you are looking to make that impression on your guests, or give your child memories they will never forget, it is really imporant to hire a professional.

Hiring a professional magician Eddy Ray has tons of benefits. This magician in Doylestown offers a full 100% satisfaction guarantee for every magic show. This shows that Eddy is confident and offers the best service around. How can you go wrong?

Other magicians in Doylestown don’t perform family friendly magic shows. So please make sure the magician you are interested in has the flexibility to perform for kids and adults. Eddy has been entertaining family audiences for over 10 years. Magicians in Doylestown should provide you with the necessary information when you inquire about their services. Make sure to ask the magicians in Doylestown for a full list of testimonials. Read through their testimonials to see what others think of their magic shows and service.

If the magician in Doylestown cannot provide testimonials that means they are not serious about what they do and you should move on. Eddy makes all of this information easy to access on this website and others. If there are any questions you may have feel free to contact Eddy at 1-877-297-7252. This magician in Doylestown can provide free information regarding your event and a price quote, there is no obligation. Don’t delay, contact Eddy now.

Amazing magic tricks by this magician in Doylestown

1) This magician in Doylestown, Eddy Ray is known for making playing cards appear effortlessly at his fingertips! This amazing sleight of hand magic takes a skilled performer years to master.

2) Eddy Ray also performs his amazing challenge rope escape. This escape allows volunteers to tie him up with over 50 feet of rope! Eddy is one of the few Doylestown magicians who performs a challenge rope escape. This escape is usually performed by Eddy for scout shows, schools, and family nights.

Doylestown magician Eddy Ray performs many different types of magic shows and can customize a show for your event!