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Why Hiring A Magician or Family Entertainer Is The Perfect Solution..

When it comes time to find entertainment for your child’s birthday party you often wonder who to choose: A magician, a clown, a juggler, a face-painter, or other variety entertainer.

This choice can often make the process long, frustrating, and confusing. I’ve got great news for you though! Simply look for a qualified magician. In a bit, I will give you some techniques to help find the correct magician for your event. First, why a magician?

Hiring a magician is a fantastic choice for a children’s party. A magician usually can entertain a wide age group as opposed to other entertainers like a clown. Let’s face it, some children are really afraid of clowns. The painted face, crazy costume, and big shoes may seem fun for some of the children, but what happens when one of them gets upset and disturbs the party because they are SCARED?

By having a magician at your party the children can easily relate to him or her. Their faces aren’t painted, they for the most part look normal. Something that the children will be intrigued by is the fact that the magician can do incredible and visual magic tricks that will please the eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, not all magicians are created equal.

It’s important to ask the magician, before making your decision, if they have any testimonials, a client list, and other resources that you can view so you have a good idea of what they can offer. Some magicians out there are only hobbyists and part-time.  They may do a good show but how passionate and driven are they to help make your event memorable?

I highly recommend always going with a professional. I always say, if you hire a professional to do your plumbing, or hire a professional to clean your teeth, why would you not want to hire a professional to help entertain at your event?

These are just simple things to consider when looking for a magician or entertainer. Magician Eddy Ray performs full time and can create a fantastic show for your child’s party, in fact he even guarantees it! Contact this magician right now at 1-877-297-7252 or email .

Eddy performs over 20 shows a month so please call now, do not delay!