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Eddy Ray, the top Lancaster Magician creates memories with his incredible magic entertainment that perfectly fits within your event for kids or adults!


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Lancaster PA Magician Eddy Ray has performed for such clients as: Franklin and Marshall College, Reading Country Club, Certified Public Accountants, America’s Got Talent, the Geigertown Church and more.
Magicians/entertainers are known for all sorts of amazing magic shows that include incredible escapes, hilarious audience participation, skilled magic, thought reading, and more. Which Lancaster PA Magician is the right choice for you? Read this special report: 6 Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make And How To Avoid Them.
Looking To Hire A Magician Soon? Helpful Tips Will Make Your Job Simpler!
Searching for that one magician what will make your kids party, family event, or corporate banquet exciting and memorable can be daunting. Let Magician Eddy Ray give you the tools necessary to help make your decision making process a bit easier.
  1. Ask the magician in Lancaster PA if they have client testimonials. This should be a given. Unfortunately many magicians and entertainers can’t provide this information. How do you know this magician is reputable, professional, and full time? Eddy Ray can provide you with testimonials, he is full time and is very reliable.
  2. Does magician offer a guarantee or similar benefit for their services? Some may, some may not. By choosing a magician who offers a guarantee of services rendered for magic shows should be considered a strong candidate. Only a confident magician, one who is talented and professional would ever offer a guarantee. An amateur or hobbyist would likely have too much to lose as they might lack the professionalism and memorable show you deserve for your event. Eddy offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every show and event he schedules.
  3. Does the Lancaster Magician work as an agency? There are some magic related agencies out there who send out any magician for a show. How do you know if the magician they are sending to your event is going to be good, or even the right fit? Some of these agencies don’t even have a picture of the magician that will be attending and performing at your event. Don’t hire a magician or any entertainer for your event blind. You deserve much better. Lastly, beware of hidden fees by some of these agencies. This could easily set you back more money because of all the middle man fees there are. With Eddy, you work directly with him and he is the one coming to entertain at your event!