Birthday Party Planning Tips – Snack Food

Pennsylvania Birthday Party Magician Eddy Ray recommends small fingers foods for snacking.

  • Finger foods can be bought in bulk
  • When buying in bulk they are usually cheaper
  • Less to clean up, less mess!

You don’t have to go crazy when providing food for your child’s party. It’s important to resist the temptation of wanting to provide an entire meal, it’s just not necessary. The major factor in this is the actual time the party will occur. If it’s going to happen between most meals times then snack foods can easily be adequate. Don’t forget that having a dessert like cake near the end of the party, will be part of their meal!

If you’ve spent quite an investment on the cake, you want it all eaten! If you give the children tons of snacks before cake time, they will be stuffed.

Pizza and hot dogs are easy to provide and you know children will eat them. It’s food they like.

Some other tips and ideas for snacks are:

  • Bagel Bites (Pizza Bagel Bites, you can buy in bulk!)
  • Soft Pretzels (Buy in bulk!)
  • Pretzels, Chips
  • Baby Carrots, Celery with Dip
  • Sliced Fruit with Dip

For drinks usually three options will suffice.

  1. Water
  2. Juice
  3. Soda

Again, buying in bulk will really help and save you cash in the end.

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