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Magicians in Etters PA Eddy Ray Performs Over 250 Shows A Year!

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Etters Pennsylvania Magician is Dynamic and Energetic!

Being dynamic and energetic is very important to how an audience, or your guests perceive an entertainer. Do you want someone monotone, someone who doesn’t make eye contact, and someone who doesn’t seem like they are into entertaining?

This often happens with entertainers of any kind who are only in the business part time. They don’t put their complete effort into it, and it shows. The audience can sense it and if they are your guests… you very well may end up totally embarrassed for hiring such an act.

No need to worry though when hiring a magician in Etters, PA like Eddy Ray. He makes a living performing and it’s his way of putting food on the table and a roof over his head. His job being a full time magician is extremely important so he takes each event seriously and you can count on him to deliver the goods!

Eddy is always on time (early) and is very good at making your guests extremely happy and completely entertained! He does his job with a smile, because he loves what he does. Through his magic he is able to make anyone smile, laugh and be amazed. Kids.. and even adults!

Yes adults! That is not a typo. His magic is capable of being enjoyed by almost anyone willing to let go of normal everyday life and just imagine and dream. Would you like to bring the Eddy Ray magic experience to your next party or event? Fill out the form above and he will contact you today regarding your event. Be detailed and leave dates/times, locations etc. Do it now! You and your guests will love his magic!