Magic Tricks in Minutes by Eddy Ray

Magic Tricks in Minutes by Eddy Ray

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New Book Teaches Any One to Do Astounding Magic Using Everyday Objects

Magic Tricks in Minutes

MOHNTON, PA. – Eddy Ray has been interested in magic since he was five, an interest he picked up from his uncle who gave him his first magic trick.  His interest persisted and seized up all of his allowance money over the years.  His childhood fascination has transformed into a profession. He now performs all kinds of shows from private parties to corporate events traveling from the USA to the far reaches of Japan! Eddy also has over 14 instructional DVD’s teaching the art of magic which are sold worldwide! One of his biggest achievements was placing fourth in the World Magic Seminar in Las VegasMagic Tricks in Minutes is his 3rd book.

Eddy Ray introduces easy, mystifying, and impromptu magic tricks that can be done anywhere at anytime.  These tricks don’t require any expensive special magic affects or supplies, just simple items that can be found in any home, restaurant or office.  He also offers advice on picking a character for a magical alter ego.  For those beginners or hobbyists, they will find helpful magic terms with definitions that can be applied throughout his book and other magic books.  Instead of sticking to one topic or kind of magic trick, Eddy covers a variety of tricks in four unique sections: “General Magic”, “Mind Reading Magic”, “Money Magic”, and “Super Quick Tricks”. By doing this, Eddy Ray feels everyone will find a particular kind of magic they like.

Many people are familiar with David Copperfield, Harry Houdini and David Blaine, who are among those considered “Masters of Magic”.  But now, anyone can learn what it takes to be a successful magician and entertainer simply by reading the new book written by local magician Eddy Ray titled Magic Tricks in Minutes: Easy to do Magic tricks Using Everyday Objects! (Now available through LuLu Publishing website).

The second part of the book is devoted to interviewing several big time variety entertainers. Readers will receive insight into what it takes to become a successful entertainer plus so much more.  Magicians Lance Burton, Jason Byrne, Michael Grandinetti and more divulge all of their secrets.

Everything a beginner can imagine is available in this book, from the history to tricks, and those secrets needed to succeed.  Get Magic Tricks in Minutes before it disappears!

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