Party Stuff & FAQ

On this page you will find all kinds of resources and items that will help make your child’s party memorable and less stressful. You’ll also find answers to our most frequently asked questions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer balloon animals or face painting?

A: I do not. Balloon animals simply don’t last long enough, I’ve attended countless parties where children got upset because their balloon pops and the party hasn’t even ended. Goodbye fun party souvenir. I’ve also seen some children cry due to the loud noise when it does pop which causes a huge distraction.

I don’t offer face painting services either. Specializing in a high-energy and memorable magic show is where I excel. My magic performance becomes the highlight of the party for you and your guests. Creating memories that last long after the party ends.

Q: Do you have live animals in the show?

A:  I do notThere is always a chance of a child or guest attending the party being allergic. Because of this I find it best not to have any sort of live animal that could cause a health concern or other distraction during the party and show. Also, due to my busy schedule with over 20 performances each month it would be nearly impossible traveling safely and taking care of the animal. Keeping both the animals safe and my audience is important.

Q: How far do you travel and where can you perform the magic show?

A: Typically for kids and family events I travel all across Central, Northern and Eastern, PA as well as into New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. Big cities, smaller cities.

I can perform my magic for your event just about anywhere. Indoors or Outdoor, I am capable of creating a performance that works for you while maintaining the best magical entertainment and professionalism.

Q: Do you have setup/space requirements?

A: For stand-up type shows I require 5 feet of width and 4 feet of depth for proper setup. I provide my own table, sound system, and backdrop when necessary. Access to an electrical outlet is helpful.

Q: Do you allow pictures/video during the performance?

A: Absolutely! This is your event and your moment to capture amazing magical memories!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If the event is cancelled outside of two weeks, no performance fee is due. If cancelled inside two weeks, full payment is still required as it gets difficult to fill the time slot. If the event is cancelled due to weather, full payment is still required. This can be applied later when the performance is rescheduled at an agreed to date and time.

Party Planning Guide

Party Planning Guide

Free Party Guide with Silver or Gold Package!

  • Learn 3 things to keep the kids busy and happy
  • Learn 7 secrets to planning an unforgettable party
  • Learn 5 things to keep in mind when having a magic show
  • Plus more! A $9.97 Value!

Eddy Ray's Secret Magic Kit (Goodie Bag)


Eddy Ray's Secret Magic Kit (Goodie Bag)

(10 Free with Silver Package, 15 Free with Gold Package) Eddy's unique and highly popular magical goodie bags are great for kids ages 5 and up. Every magical goodie bag contains 5 magic tricks, magic pranks, and/or novelties (based upon availability). Kids love them as they can learn magic to amaze their friends and family. It sparks their imaginations, helps with hand-eye coordination, and even helps with their reading comprehension. These magical goodie bags can be purchased for $3.00 each.

Contents May Change Upon Availability

Autographed Poster, Magic Kit, Book

Full Color 11 x 17 Show Poster. Autographed by Eddy Ray It's Something That Will Keep The Memories Alive!
Magician Eddy Ray Poster

Magician Eddy Ray Poster

Magic Kit By Eddy Ray! Free with Gold Package!
  • Same contents of Goodie Bags above plus extras!
  • 3 More Easy To Do Magic Tricks!
  • Magic DVD or Book (Depends upon availability)
  • Eddy Ray's Magic Club Membership and Secret Site!
  • Autographed For Your Child!
  • Retails for $19.95 normally!